Starting out the flight around 1 PM on 7-2-07, to fly 136.4 miles from Ellenville, NY to Hammonton, NJ, and land in a dried Blueberry Field.

Here is an update for 2008:  I broke my own record this year on 4-14-2008, Team Flying almost the same route with Dave Hopkins, From Ellenville, NY to Sea Isle City NJ. 

New North East Rigid Wing Record set 4-14-08 click:  177 Miles XC Rigid Wing Record

Photo above taken at the location of my track shown in Google Earth below; Thermalling through 6,156 feet above Sea Level.

Photo above Track below. 


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Sussex, New Jersey.

Below one can see the track about to be flow ahead in Google Earth.  It does not get any better than this!! 

Sussex Airport.

Photographed directly overhead is this: Neshaminy State Park click if you'd like

These digital photos were taken from an UN-Powered Rigid Wing Hang Glider during a very unexpected cross country flight record from Ellenville, NY:

  Ellenville Flight Park

The extreme fun and challenge for us Hang Glider Pilots is working in Thermals and going from thermal to thermal tying to stay in the air. 

Cross country is difficult to learn at first, but the rewards are far beyond what words can describe. 

These photos are an attempt to take a visitor on 20% of this flight  (after edits) with me so you may understand

my fellow Pilots and myself amazing passion for our avocation. 

 I'm told I have purchased 2 years ago, June 2005, the first model of this glider to be shipped to the United States: 

Stan's Aeros Phantom; Click if you would like

I took 16 photos from this point over the Landing Zone that I sucked myself into (7 of which I show here) floating around and around . 

Unknowingly blowing off my chance at the NY State record.

Atlantic City can barely be seen below. 

Oh man, just 3 or 4 more decent thermals.  I've never been out this far.

 Look at all that forest to cross from this altitude. 

And, It's shutting down! it is after 7 pm by now on a 6 hour and 25 minute flight. 

Over view of entire RW gliding track:

Satellite photo of July 2nd, 2007, one of those amazing soaring days in the North East.


On Line Contest Link to this flight containing the Google Earth KML file and the IGC files.

Hey, the online contest server say's this flight was 235!  Oh, that's in Kilometers. 

Stan's 7-2-07 IGC file

Stan's 7-2-07 Google Earth file

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Dave Hopkins Soars his Atos B 156.1 miles from Ellenville Flight Park to Fort Devens, Massachusetts less than a mile South of Ayer, MA. on "Lucky Friday the 13th" of July, 2007.  See:

Dave Hopkins Lucky Friday the 13th of July 2007 flight log


Click button for Garmin Data Base file:  156.1 Mile Flight



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