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June 2nd, 2008; Stan J Roberts soars 153.25 miles from Ellenville, NY to Scarborough North Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

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Stan has 5 flights from Ellenville Flight Park, NY so far in 2008 over 100 miles; 4 of which are over 150 miles.

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Directly below is the flight in Google Earth.

Here's another low save, after 6 hours into the flight:

The flight duration was 7 hours 23 minutes, due to fighting an extreme cross wind.

Here's an illustration of fighting the cross wind.  Notice the drift of each thermal relative to the direction Dave Hopkins and I set goal to head for.  We were jumping cloud streets.

Imagine how nice it would be to fly in the same direction as the thermals were drifting us; simply fly down a cloud street,  Wow!

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Or click Photo below:  Photo below Courtesy of Les Wilson taken 6-2-2008 before the 7 Hour 23 Minute

 XC flight.

Again, this flight would not have been possible or even attempted with out the amazing help of Sharon Tubbs, our fantastic driver.  Get this, she took my car the night before and was already out on route that morning waiting for radio contact that we were in route going XC.  Wow.  Sharon is responsible for my confidence doing all my big flights this year. 

Thank you Sharon!!!     :) 

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