This XC flight was intentionally cut short because:

Stan J Roberts is a professional Drummer who actually has a STEADY gig in performing music (Not Teaching) which is extremely rare and cannot be taken for granted.  Stan Had to Work this Saturday night.

This XC Rigid Wing Hang Gliding flight occurred on Sat. 9-1-07 originating from Mt. Utsayantha, NY to Chester, NY. 

This flight was my fly in to the "Fly in" occurring at Ellenville, NY this Labor Day weekend, 2007. 

I was hoping to find many fellow pilots in the air when I flew by so maybe  some of them could continue my journey.  I wanted to hand off the baton like in a relay race to another fellow XC pilot since I had to land for work by 4:30PM, depending on my LZ location.  Then Dave Hopkins could have continued the XC flight to Atlantic City, NJ; which I know would have been possible. 

I now have a realistic goal for next great day on a night off; Utsayantha to Atlantic City.  Maybe next year. 

This was a work night for me so this flight had to be cut short. 

 Thanks so very much to my amazing wife Sandi R. Roberts for being right there for me and making this possible. 

She was the ONLY reason I could do this. 

  One may see the course deviation after waypoint 3 above.  There were 2 reasons: get down by flying into the blue hole in time for work

2. To stay along route 17 for quickest driving time back home to get ready for the Gig!   

The waypoints and the line were put there for me by the on line contest server click next line: 

Stan J Roberts 9-1-07 On Line contest

Stan's Google Earth 9-1-07 KML file

Stan's 9-1-07 Fédération Aéronautique Internationale or IGC file


Climbing out over Ashokan Reservoir about half way into the flight.  And, the best climb so far, see track below.

I didn't start taking 1.3 mega pixel photos until here at Ashokan Res.  Because I didn't want to jinx myself.  it was tricky getting to this point from Utsayantha.  Once here, I didn't mind if I had to land, my goal was Ellenville anyway; to literally fly in to the "Fly In" instead of driving in.  And, on this flight it didn't matter if I was to sacrifice distance because of taking photos.  I had a time limit to land for work so open distance was not an option.  So Please, enjoy the scenery with me.  Thanks. 

Track Recording of approximately where these 2 Ashokan photos were taken.


Looking towards Ellenville, NY from Ashokan. 


Aren't these clouds Gorgeous?  Wow! You can see Honk Lake next to my right (just in case) landing wheel. 

Rondout Reservoir

Track recording of where cloud photos were taken. 

6 Thousand MSL in the clouds, oh my! 


Rondout Res. below the clouds.

Getting closer to Ellenville. 

Clouds are fun!

Getting another great climb across the valley from Ellenville Launch. 

Oh, there's Ellenville Launch!  Remember, 1.3 mega pixels.  Camera's a dinosaur.  But I can fly with it and not worry.

Come on guys, Please, please join me.  I need to hand off the baton; I gotta to land soon, Gigs are way to rare and few and far between! 

Getting ready to fly by Ellenville Launch.

Hello! "Hand Diver buddies" "Can you hear me?"

There's Wurtsboro and my "yellow brick road" out in front saying to me..."ah come on, you don't need to go to work, you can get fired... it doesn't matter... come on... you get only 3 days a year (maybe) here in NY when XC is this easy and good".  "Then you'll have to move back home west where days like this are common."    But nope, I kept my self Discipline. 

Looking back to Ellenville from Wurtsboro in another great climb. 

Route 17 South.

Route 17 below.

 Wurtsboro Airport.

Time to head South and land somewhere based on driving time back to home base.  What a waste of an opportunity.


This Phantom does not want to come down, which isn't helping me keep my discipline! 

Looking South.  Coming up on Middletown, NY. 

Over Middletown, NY.

Over Dolson Ave. Middletown, NY.  Google earth map below of above photo.

  I found another great climb just south of here which of course was making my situation for work increasingly difficult. 

And, here is the approach; trying to get down in time for the drive home to get ready for work:

One may see how many turns it took to get down. 

Imagine if I went straight, down wind hanging from this amazing Rigid wing; How far would I have gone? 

And, this was after going into a blue hole 10 minutes before. 


 Thanks very much for visiting. 

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