Aeros Phantom Landing, the correct way.

Apparently, I Stan Roberts, had a lucky landing today 8-6-08 on my Phantom.  I can not seem to consistently land like this.

Please scroll for these sequential photos showing the way a pilot is supposed to land an Aeros Phantom.  Thank you Terence Ziegler for taking these photos.  These photos were emailed to me and expertly taken by Terence Ziegler, Thank you Terence.



Hum...Popping out of the harness in a turn... hum...?

Ok, keep your speed...

Ok, hands at correct height...? 

Manually slowing down here; "Sticky Pitch" According to the late great Steve Daleo.  See / click  Steve's Stiffy Wing 101

Looks like a flare with a compensation for a slight left turn.  Man!... I wish I could consistently do this!! 

Now walking the Phantom out.  I was so successful at slowing the Phantom down using "Sticky Pitch", that I just had to walk it out, I recall.  Glider stalling, still not on shoulders. 

Phantom Settles nicely on my Shoulders. 






Again, thank you Terence Ziegler for such nice photos. 

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