Stan J Roberts sets Foot Launched Rigid Wing Hang Gliding New York State Cross Country Record of 177 miles from Ellenville, NY to Sea Isle City, New Jersey

This just in... Jack Slocum Soars 187 Miles on 5-24-08 to set the New York State Flex wing record!  This Flight IS the Longest Distance from New York done on ANY HANG GLIDER. Mr. Solcum did it on a:  Wills Wing T2.WAY TO GO JACK!  click following button for Jack's IGC file: Flex Wing 187 Miles

An amazing opportunity presented itself on April-14-2008 in Ellenville, New York.  I Stan Roberts, completely unexpectedly, set the new, New York State cross Country Rigid Wing Hang Gliding record of 177 miles from Ellenville, NY to the Jersey shore.    Ellenville Flight Park is a foot launch site at only 1,380 MSL.  We (Dave Hopkins and I; Stan) only have about 900 Feet to work with to initially get up before getting drilled = (landing way before intention)  

Thanks so very much to Sharon Tubbs!  Our amazing Hang Driver.  No way would we want to "go for it" on this type of flight without her!  She uses my GPS in my Truck and brings the truck to us usually before we can break down!  Sharon is amazing!!  She can find us anywhere on Earth!  Click for: IGC NYS 177 Miles IGC file. 

Dave Hopkins and I were helping each other the whole flight; and Dave flew 168 XC miles this day.  Dave is going to get over 200 Miles XC this year in New York, I know it.  Maybe I will also if I have that night off!  Stan works nights see:  Stan Music Work

This Illustrated Cross Country Hang Gliding Log is organized in a vertical scrolling format. 

Stan Roberts Launching 4-14-08, the record day. Thank you Rob Fox for such Good Photos!

Launching Photos by Rob Fox.

Stan's Brauniger IQ Compeo Entire Track Log below on Google Earth with Airspace.  See How we kept extremely vigilant of airspace.

If you have Google Earth installed, click this = Stan Google Track Log

Dave Hopkins Launching 4-14-08.

above Launch Photos Courtesy of Rob Fox. 

Dave's Garmin MapSource Track Log in Google Earth.

Dave and Stan's Track logs together.  Dave White, Stan Blue.

Here Comes Dave joining me over Sussex, New Jersey...

 Below is the Google Earth Point of view from the photo above from Stan's Phantom.

Another point of view over Sussex, NJ

In route XC near Woodport and Hopatcong, NJ.  Upper photo taken by Stan from Phantom,

Bottom is Google Earth Track position

Lake Mohawk, NJ.

I could see Newark, NJ and New York City while flying on the horizon from here.  I'll need to fly with a better camera. 

Crossing the Delaware again just like last year, click: 7-2-07.

The Delaware River at 7,109 MSL. 

Cloud Base again passing the Delaware. 

Ok, now to find Dave again...

Keeping an Eye on Dave....

I've passed Dave.  I'll keep an eye on him...I might has well take photos; sight see while waiting for Dave to climb and then we can continue to team fly South. 

Ok, Now he's climbing.

Ok, now it is getting to be after 5:30PM on 4-14-08 and I'm over my Old Landing Zone from

Last year: 7-2-07

Below photo is last year, 7-2-07, Landing at the Cranberry Field show above flooded on 4-14-08.

We're seeing Atlantic City now. 

Climbing and getting a better view of Atlantic City.

Nice cloud Suck setting me up for Final Glide to the Jersey Shore.  Reflection coming from Atlantic City, NJ.

Let's see... should I leave now for glide? It's about 6:30Pm on 4-14-08.  Should I climb more?  hum...

wow, check out the Jersey Shore!

passing some last chance LZ's before crossing, what looks like, a swamp.

Let's see... Which point on the beach would you shoot for?  Incidentally, I've never been to the Jersey shore! I do Not know how large the beaches are for landing!  And look at that; is that a swamp to cross?

Some Last chance big Fields to land in before crossing the apparent swamp.

Ah... I've come too far, across I go! 

No Worries!

OK, now, Should I cross that small channel? 

Nope I won't, I have a head wind now of about 8 MPH. 


Looking back toward Atlantic City; way up there.

Ok, now the camera goes back into my pocket.  Time to set up an approach!

Oops, I forgot to take photos of the glider on the beach.  I had to beat the pending darkness; needed to break-down the glider while it was still light.

Thank you for your visit! 


Here is the flight documented on the Online contest: 177 XC Miles

On Google Earth: Google Earth 177 Miles

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