Photos 7-13-07 while Dave Hopkins was doing his 156 mile XC.

Stan Roberts had to work tonight. so instead he flew and took these photos.


Wow, look at these conditions today 7-13-07!

Looking back towards Launch

Looking NE, the way Dave H. is going.  I can't join him again as usual.

Ashokan Reservoir out there.

Looking SW.

Mohonk Mountain House, New York viewed from over 65 hundred feet MSL.

Dave H. Went that way for 156 miles and I (Stan) stayed behind to work tonight. 

Man, look how good it is out there!

Approaching Kingston, NY.

Over Kingston, NY and a great Mexican Restaurant. 



Looking South down the Hudson.

Looking North up the Hudson.

Wow, Big town down there, Kingston, NY.

Good Mexican Restaurant right at my right wheel!

Dave went that way.  See the cloud angles indicating wind?

Wow, look at those amazing soaring conditions out there where Dave H. is!

And I'm now setting up a landing because of work. 

What would you do?

It looks like I'm about to drive my wheel over the Kingston Traffic circle and smash it!

Ashokan Res. looking NNW just before landing for work.

Landing Approach 7-13-07.

Wow, incredible conditions to my NE and I'm landing on purpose. 

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Stan's 7-13-07 Fédération Aéronautique Internationale or IGC file

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