6-25-08, Well, this looks like a good start on a flight for 6-25-08.  Had to make a low save to the South of launch.  I thought I was going to drill; and I really can't  stomach drilling on what looked like an awesome day!  So I saved it and thanked our Creator. 

 Here's a good climb under a cloud starting out in the valley just North of Ellenville Airport; a trigger in the field just North of the Ellenville Airport that seems to work early; at least it has for me a few times... 

Here is another lucky climb, after a LOT of searching, on the ridge west of the Hudson River where 44/55 cuts through.

Now, I had my chance here to hook up with Tommy.  He was working over the river relentlessly; I was amazed at his persistence in, what appeared to be, a thermal not going up much, but also not going down.  So I hovered up here for a while hoping Tommy would climb out and join me.  Actually, I just persisted in the same kind of thermal myself just a half an hour earlier,  back at 44/55, AND near the Fairgrounds, to get a climb which seemed to take hours to come together.  Anyway, I decided to go for clouds I saw to the SSE before they melted off.  One time in Chelan, WA 1991, I waited for Keith Lamb in the same circumstances and as a result, I drilled and he climbed out; and I was way higher initially.  But maybe this time, I Should have waited for Tommy; we both would have increased our chances of better climbs and finding them on a very difficult day working together. 

So this next series of decisions set me up to drill earlier than necessary.  I worked on this save for, what seemed like, hours and hours.  and after all that work, I should have gone over the hills to "Leather Hill" LZ.  At least I bet I would have got a lee side thermal or something good.  I'd of had to have crossed a bunch of good looking trigger possibilities going that way instead of blowing off that low save to go for LZ suck. 

The white line shows where I should have gone after working myself to death to get up. 

another view below of the "Should of's.. Would of's.. Could of's..."  "If only I'd of".. looser statements...

One can see all the thermal trigger possibilities by easily flying only 6 miles towards Leather Hill LZ from that extremely hard earned save.  I'll bet I would have found a boomer going this way at that moment!

Over all flight to learn from:

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6-25-08 Small Flight

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