Tennessee Tree Topper XC flight 10-8--07

Looking back at Henson's Gap Launch, Arm Cam Photo above; Google Earth below.

View from above photos again with pilot in shot.

Below showing altitude and great clouds:

Below over Raccoon Hollow:

Google Earth image:

Below, over Shelbyville Rd:

Google Earth:

Over Airport Road and Bethany:

Google Earth:

Taken over Ivy Buff and Nashville Hwy:


Below, Final 16.5 mile Glide between Liberty and Watertown, TN - Crossing Nashville Hwy:


GE image of full 65 Mile Phantom XC fun Flight done 10-8-07:

Click for GE link to flight including 4 photos within the GE KMZ file.

Click for IGC record of flight

10-8-08 Flight on OLC

Next link is to a longer flight Stan did the day before, about 94 miles.  However, only 4 photos were taken 10-7-07 and are not worth posting.

10-7-07; Flight on OLC the day before; 94 miles or 166.17 km

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